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Dog Training

Jim Thorpe, PA


> Enhance your dogs behavior

> Reduce fear, gain trust

> Increase the ability to learn

About Me

I started in the K-9 training profession in 2008. Graduated from Animal Behavior College as a Certified Dog Trainer. Training consists of 100% positive reinforcement and behavior modification. In 2011 I recognized that dogs not balanced emotionally, physically and mentally showed signs of fear preventing them from being able to think and learn. I then became part of the Tellington TTouch Program. TTouch is changing the behavior of an animal by the touch of your hand, doing ground work and using training equipment. This helps reduce fear & builds trust which allows the animal to think and learn.

I am a member of Pet Professional Guild, Tellington TTouch Guild, Mid Atlantic Association of Professional Positive Dog Trainers, Dogs Natural Elite and a former member of Therapy Dogs International.

Kelly & Rich Hook, Lehighton

“Rose came to help our Rescued Basset Martha with her fear issues. We couldn’t close a cabinet door without her jumping out of her skin. Martha’s response to the TTouch was immediate. Rose showed us how we could not only calm Martha, but showed us how to earn Martha’s trust. She is truly a different dog. She is no longer afraid to ask for attention (not that she has to), and she allows us to treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Thanks Rose!!”

Donna, A.C.O., Palmerton

“Rose has an incredible talent and gift that has impacted the dogs that she has worked with. TTouch is a wonderful experience for both the owner and the animal and the benefits and end-result leaves you speechless.”

Lynn Kelley Heilman

“Rose came into my life at a crucial time. My dog of 17 years had just passed and we were all grieving his loss. My German Shepherd had a very hard time dealing with the death of his brother and showed that stress in aggression towards the new puppy we brought into our home. Rose was able to bring healing to my shepherd’s stress and emotions using TT. We had gotten to a point where we looked into rehoming our puppy but Rose used her incredible talent and was able to bring unity and peace between the new puppy and our Shepherd. They are now the best of friends and I’m forever grateful to Rose for all she has done for us. She truly is an incredible trainer and person. We love our Mrs. Rose!”

The Tellington TTouch can help in cases of:

Excessive Barking & Chewing

Leash Pulling

Jumping Up

Aggressive Behavior

Extreme Fear & Shyness

Resistance to Grooming

Excitability & Nervousness

Car Sickness

Problems Associated With Aging

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